Today is my 5th birthday. (insert bells, whistles, and party horns)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to show up in this world, both as a business and a human. These two worlds often blur since I am my business. I’ve experimented with many different ways to promote and market my products and services throughout the past 4 years and am learning to do what feels right to me. (even if they aren’t always the ones that make the best business sense). I’m more of a human than a business or brand, after all. (But I’m also a human who has to pay the bills.)

I started preparing for my 2024 events and offerings in August of 2023. Since then, I’ve been focused and determined to make them come to life. Every day for the past 5 months, I’ve dedicated time to these projects. Many times, it has seemed an exercise in futility. My inner critic has come out often to suggest that my goals are stupid and that nobody will care. But still I’ve persevered. Because my desire to create is bigger than my fear of failing.

And now today, this first day of a new year and the first day of my 5th year, I am so proud share my 5 Top Projects of Year 5!

Upcoming Writing, Creative, and Community Projects

Pixie and the Fox

Once upon a time, there lived a very happy Pixie. One day she met a Fox who took her on a big adventure. For a while, things were wonderful and Pixie had so much fun. But then the Fox left, taking away her laugh, her light, and her dust – all of the things that made Pixie who she is. Pixie must find her way back to herself, so she is once again a very happy Pixie. Pixie and the Fox is a whimsical tale about learning to stay true to yourself.

Preorders will be available in March 2024. Official release date April 11, 2024.

The Mail Art Stories Project Exhibition

On March 1st, you can come out to Watson & Lou in downtown Peterborough, Ontario to become immersed in over 100 hand decorated envelopes and postcards. Each one was created during the height of Covid-19 and is a representation of a real experience from 11 different countries. The launch of the exhibit will be part of Peterborough’s First Friday Art Crawl and will continue throughout the month.

Speaking Engagements

Coinciding the launch of Pixie and the Fox, I will be available for speaking events for children and adults. My presentation focuses on the importance of writing and sharing your story. I talk about imposter syndrome, fear, and the power of the written word. This presentation can be part of author visits for schools, women-led empowerment conferences, and author events. Complete details coming soon. In the meantime, send me an email if you are interested in learning more.

Community Nurturing

I am in process of creating more opportunities for us connect – in person and online. I’m developing lots of free events and offerings because I fully believe in making things accessible. I’m also cooking up some super cool ways for us to create collaboratively. And I’m *this* close to having a space dedicated to sharing YOUR words and offerings and magic.

Manuscript of my first novel, Yelling at Dead People

I’m currently writing my first novel. I had the idea and started writing a handful of years ago but then stopped. Fear. Doubt. The belief that I couldn’t find 20 minutes a day to write. They all took over. But I am making it happen. I’ve even started sharing pieces of it in my writing group and getting incredible and useful feedback. First draft is expected to be finished in fall 2024

This might seem ambition but lucky for me, I haven’t been doing it alone. I’ve hired brilliant people to help me get to my goals.

Huge thanks to Brooklin Holbrough, the illustrator of the Pixie Series; Shannon Fitzgerald, my co-host of The Mail Art Stories Project, book layout designer of Pixie and the Fox, and friend; Jennifer Milius, author stylist and coach who has been meeting with me almost weekly since October to create a keynote presentation; Aaron Robitaille who continues to offer her talents whenever I look for a new design; Jill Persson, the newest member of my team, who is designing new website pages, redesigning old ones, and making it all function beautifully!

Above all, I want to thank YOU. This wouldn’t be a community if there weren’t any members and I am deeply honoured to have you here.

Trust yourself. You’ve got this. Let’s write.


Upcoming writing groups and workshops:

The Artist’s Way Support Group

A 14-week program designed to unblock your creativity!

Creative Writing with Prompts

A 3-week program created to help you write with prompts and sharing and support.

Safety in Numbers

A monthly membership of community writing sessions.

Book a Call

Let’s chat about your writing project, goals and fears. I want to help you put your words on paper today.


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Erica Richmond

 Erica Richmond, the founder of Open Sky Stories believes that words have the power to provide connection & healing. She offers a variety of writing workshops and 1:1 mentoring. Erica has published two books: Pixie and the Bees and The Mail Art Stories Project: Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19

She lives in Peterborough, Canada with her two teens where they find adventures in everyday life.

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