Writing Groups

Are you a passionate writer looking to join a supportive community of like-minded wordsmiths? Do you yearn for a place where your creative spirit can thrive and your writing can flourish? Maybe you want to start a writing practice but need some company and accountability.  Look no further! Open Sky Stories is the perfect place for you.

Writing Groups at Open Sky Stories

Safety in Numbers Writing Group


Do you want to write but can’t seem to find the motivation?

I get it. Life is overwhelmingly busy. There are hundreds of thoughts and tasks that demand priority at any given time. Besides, writing is supposed to be lonely, right?

What if you made a commitment to show up every week and write for 20 minutes? And what if you weren’t alone but had other people around who are working on their own writing projects?

Safety in Numbers is an opportunity to commit to your writing. It’s a chance to show up and write with other people while keeping your own words private.


Your monthly membership gives you access to four writing sessions every week. You can show up for all of them or just a few – you will always be welcome!

Writing Schedule:

Sundays @ 12:30pm ET
Mondays @ 7am ET
Wednesdays @ 8pm ET
Fridays @ 7am ET


I loved joining the Safety in Numbers writing group. Erica has created such a welcoming and supportive space, and even though we’re all working on different things, there is the friendly solidarity of writing together.

Stay Accountable with Friends Group

New session dates to be announced

Do you have a writing project on the go but keep going off-track?

This group is for anyone who is currently working on a writing project: a book, short story, poetry collection etc.

We will read sections of our writing in the group and be open to receiving kind feedback.

We will support each other in our highs and lows along the journey in the sessions and in a private Facebook group.


This group runs for 3 months, with sessions twice per week. The group is limited to 10 participants. If you are interested in joining, please reach out by email.

Write Club Stories has given me the tools to continue writing.