Mail Art Stories Project

Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19

This is the story of what happens when a global pandemic is captured through pieces of mail art from around the world.

Our Story

From April 2020 to August 2021, Shannon from Bold Moves Studio and I collected 119 pieces of mail art from 52 people who live across 11 different countries around the world. 

Each piece of mail art was created to share their own personal experiences of living within a global pandemic. 

These beautiful pieces of art & words are now available as a book.

Our next goal is to bring the art collection to various cities and display them in galleries.

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A huge thank-you to everyone who submitted their story to the project.

The Mail Art Stories Project Exhibition Comes to Peterborough, Ontario

Launch Details

March 1st 6-10pm

Watson & Lou

383 Water St., Peterborough, Ontario

The Mail Art Stories Project: Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19 Exhibition is an international, interactive experience. The exhibition will launch on Friday March 1st during downtown Peterborough’s First Friday Art Crawl. The exhibition will remain in place for the next three weeks for people to visit at Watson & Lou.

All 119 pieces of mail from the project will be on display. Visitors will be encouraged to read each piece, front and back, as they move through the space. There will be posters throughout the exhibit which highlight some of the stories received from the 52 participants.

Postcards will be available to encourage visitors to send their own mail.  

The Mail Art Stories Project: Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19 Exhibition is an experiential celebration of the art of mail, and a reflection on our global experience of the pandemic.



Media friends can find the media release below and access the full media kit (including photos and author bios) here.

Media Release: Art Exhibition – The Mail Art Stories Project: Mail Art in the Time of Covid-19


You can now purchase this beautiful 163 colourful page book from any bookstore. 
ISBN-10: 0578395339
ISBN-13: 978-0578395333

Be inspired and write a letter!! – For this project, 52 people around the world made post cards to share a little part of their lives during the pandemic. All their artistic cards were compiled into a book. It is intriguing to see all the different creations and have a glimpse into these people’s feelings (much like mine) during a difficult time in the world. If you enjoy Mail Art, writing letters, sending postcards or simply enjoy different forms of art…you’ll want to have a copy of this book.”


An Important Connection During Covid – What a novel way to document such an extraordinary period. It captures our need to stay connected during this lonely, scary time that kept us so isolated yet brought the world together in shared uncertainty. This book can serve as a historical marker of a time that future generations will remember. It is definitely worth the purchase.”


A powerful and poignant collection of Mail Art from around the world! – This is living history ~ a combination of art and everyday voices captured in a time like no other. The editors have created a beautiful, empowering book speaking to the life and death challenges of our dear world. They give voice to young and old from all over the globe. This is a compelling vision of collective wisdom, healing, and connection through the humble medium of Mail Art. It is revolutionary in its simplicity and in its elegant equality. This profound book helps me to cherishthe beauty of our human condition.”


Mail Art Stories Book held by Erica on Green Couch

Media Kit

Please find press release, author bios, headshots, book cover and interior images for the Mail Art Stories exhibition.

To schedule an interview, please contact Erica Richmond.