Pixie and the Fox

Once upon a time, there lived a very happy Pixie. One day she met a Fox who took her on a big adventure. For a while, things were wonderful and Pixie had so much fun. But then the Fox left, taking away her laugh, her light, and her dust – all of the things that made Pixie who she is. Pixie must find her way back to herself, so she is once again a very happy Pixie.

Pixie and the Fox is a whimsical tale about learning to stay true to yourself.

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Pixie looks at Fox in a black and white sketch from children's book Pixie and the Fox, by Erica Richmond

Follow Erica’s journey of taking her story to self-publishing a book here:

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The Pixie Series

Meet Pixie. She loves to laugh. She loves to shine. She is happy. Throughout the Pixie series, this lovable character must learn how to understand and tackle complex feelings and experiences. In Pixie and the Bees, she needs to learn how to manage a mysterious invisible illness that nobody else can see or hear or feel. In Pixie and the Fox, she must rediscover her way back home to herself after having been led astray. Both tales showcase Pixie’s resilience and self-trust as she confronts these hurdles.
The Pixie series offers an opportunity to discuss complex issues with kids of all ages. The books are beautifully illustrated which make them a delightful and meaningful literary experience.

Other Books in the Series

Pixie and the Bees

Pixie and the Bees book openPixie and the Bees is a whimsical tale about learning to trust yourself, while living with an invisible illness.

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