About Me

“I don’t know what I think until I write it down.”

Joan Didion

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, there lived a woman. She loved to write. She loved to shine. She was happy. For a very long time this woman lived a life that was making her body & her mind unhealthy. She was trying to fit into a world that was not congruent with her own values and pace.

One day she read her pages and pages of journaling and realized what she needed to do. She started making small steps to get back to the woman she knew she could be. With lots of work and lots of messing up, she found her way.

And then, she went out into the world to help others do the same.

Welcome to the Open Sky Stories community.

Hi – I’m Erica.

In January 2020, I founded Open Sky Stories, my goal was to create a space that encourages connection, creativity & collaboration through writing.

I have since published two books: Pixie and the Bees, a whimsical tale about living with anxiety, and The Mail Art Stories Project, a collection of mail art and stories from around the world, collected during the first 18 months of the pandemic. I am currently getting ready to publish the second Pixie book, Pixie and the Fox, and am writing my first novel!

Because writing has helped me find peace and joy within myself and has brought me through many difficult chapters of my life, I want to help other people with their own writing. I have developed a variety of writing programs and keynote presentations to share my practice with others. And I love being a writing a mentor to many writers of all levels.

I have also launched a product line including postcards, stickers and tote bags! Every product is designed to help unblock creativity and fill others with the confidence and desire to do the thing that lights them up inside.

My education in editing and linguistics has taught me the intricate details of language and as a result, I enjoy hovering in these spaces just as much as I thrive on the whimsy of word play. My editing services are available for businesses and writers.

I am so incredibly happy that you have found your way to the Open Sky Stories community, and I cannot wait to connect!


Download Erica’s media kit here.

Erica Richmond with notebook