Pixie and the Bees

Have you ever felt something deep inside of you that nobody else could see or hear or feel?

This can be scary and lonely and debilitating. It can make you feel like you’re dying, or exaggerating or going completely mad.

I felt all of these things (and more) throughout the process of finding, and accepting my diagnosis of significant anxiety disorder.

So I did what I always do when trying to process my feelings; I wrote about it.

Pixie and the Bees is a story of learning to trust yourself while living with an invisible illness. It’s my story of feeling like I’d swallowed a swarm of angry bees that nobody else could see or hear or feel.

When we write our stories, we can give them form and take hold of the narrative. This helps us heal. When we share our stories with others, we can offer that same healing to them.

Pixie and the Bees has received rave reviews from children and adults. There are stunning illustrations on every page created by Peterborough artist, Brooklin Holbrough.

My story with anxiety is not over, but I now have the tools to make things easier. To those who are suffering with an invisible illness, I see you.


Pixie and the Bees

Once upon a time, there lived a very happy Pixie. One day while picking wildflowers, something terrible happened that left her in constant pain and discomfort.

Nobody else could see or hear or feel what was happening to her. They didn’t understand what was wrong with Pixie, and they didn’t know how to help her. Pixie was left alone in her pain, until one day…

Pixie and the Bees is a whimsical tale about learning to trust yourself, while living with an invisible illness.


This book is excellent for helping kids (and adults) to recognize that anxiety can present itself in many ways, and it’s so painful & frustrating when no one else can see what’s happening in your body.


…a by-product of your book is that in helping yourself you will be helping others.


Your book demonstrates an excellent example of learning to live with the bees that still remain.


Erica’s capacity for story telling combined with the beautiful imagery by Brooklin define this as a classic in the making.


I felt like it was written for me, it spoke right to my heart.


If you’ve ever lived with an invisible illness, as many of us have, you will understand why I instantly fell in love with this book.


The Pixie Series

Meet Pixie. She loves to laugh. She loves to shine. She is happy. Throughout the Pixie series, this lovable character must learn how to understand and tackle complex feelings and experiences. In Pixie and the Bees, she needs to learn how to manage a mysterious invisible illness that nobody else can see or hear or feel. In Pixie and the Fox, she must rediscover her way back home to herself after having been led astray. Both tales showcase Pixie’s resilience and self-trust as she confronts these hurdles.
The Pixie series offers an opportunity to discuss complex issues with kids of all ages. The books are beautifully illustrated which make them a delightful and meaningful literary experience.

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