Collaborative Projects

Let’s Create Something Together


Recognize and respect mutual self-interests, then build creative collaborations to serve them.”

Warren G. Bennis

Collaboration Over Competition

When I started developing the concept of Open Sky Stories, one of my goals was to create collaborative writing projects. 

I love the idea of working independently from around the world towards one big (or little) idea. 

One of my favourite party activities is to invite my guests to submit lines for a haiku which I then weave together to create collaborative poems. I write them and send them home with copies. 

Community Haiku 1
Community Haiku 2
Community Haiku 3
Community Haiku 4

Current Creative Collaborative Projects

Check out The Connected Stories Project and The Mail Art Stories Project. Each project contains words and art from people around the world, all coming together to create one piece of work. 

Together we really are stronger.

The Mail Art Stories Project

The Mail Art Stories Project is a collection of Mail Art from around the world gathered during the first 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Connected Stories Project

The Connected Stories Project is a series of books that include one sentence from people around the world adding their voice to our global story.

Interested in a creative collaboration?

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